New year, new challenges

Dear friends and followers, as some of you know, I stay now for almost 2 years in Tanzania Karatu after choosing a leave of absence from the company I worked for in Berlin. In the beginning I volunteered for a Children Centre who work with street related children. I was part in daily routine, attended all events, filmed, made photos, reworked homepage, and print media. But I also started to learn Kiswahili, travelled the country, and taught English, German, and computer in a community school.

Life in Tanzania has changed me, the discrepancies between the affluent world I come from, and the “simple” world here are large and have shown me with how little one can get along with and, above all, what is important. And above all, education and health are most important.

Girls and women in Tanzania are still faced with many challenges, among them includes unemployment, poor education or low educational level and early motherhood. From the challenges affecting women and girls, I started the process of registering a local NGO in Karatu to help those women and girls in overcoming their life problems and become respected and active members in the community socio-economic development. The next three years I will stay a great part of the year in Tanzania to develop here with locals and social welfare office Karatu an NGO to support those girls and woman in need.
If you want to know more about it, please read the project description here:

At AKO Germany (Action-Group-East-Africa) I’m active member for a while now. All donations to AKO for this project will be only used by me in function of a project manager to develop this project directly in Karatu.
Thanks for reading through 😉. I hope you like what we want to try and are going to support us.
If you have questions or comments, don’t be shy and share with me.
Stay safe and healthy,