Short trip to Oslo

Last weekend I took a break from Berlin and spend a few days in Olso to visit a friend and to see one of my favourite music bands Wardruna. They had a play in the Sentrum Scene house and it was kind of awesome to see and hear the band for my first time live on stage! I know the project Warduna, which is brought to life by Einar Selvik, from the first album on and now with their third album they did an impressive concert with a good mix of all three.

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I also spend some time in the Jewish Museum, International Museum, Emanuel Vigeland Museum, Victor Vigeland Sculpture Park and the Nobel Peace Center and finally we saw an unplanned concert in the Emanuel Vigeland Museum which is correctly a mausoleum because he is burried there. The mausoleum is from the inside all over painted with nude adults and infants which may should remind you on the joy of life. The artist was a Dutch musician who played with a didgeridoo and his partner played the drums. So it was a kind of meditating concert with all persons laying on the ground with closed eyes.

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And if you are looking for a good place to eat, I recommend the Kashba Healt Food Restaurant! There you can have nice Falafel, Smothies, Cocktails and so on…

I can’t say this weekend was boring :).