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  • Home sweet home

    Home sweet home

    Despite the cruel and unfair war in eastern Europe, I try to enjoy the beach in my hometown Rostock with my mum, who I haven’t seen since last September. We share some stories and I tell her of my Tanzanian life and project progress, but our mood is down and our thoughts are with the…

  • International mother language day

    International mother language day

    Because today is international day of mother language, don’t forget that every day is a new beginning to learn a new language! Kila siku ni mwanzo mpya. Every day is a new beginning.

  • Back to school

    Back to school

    I already had some success with your donations and could bring some girls with various kind of backgrounds, like street related life, violent home, child labour and orphan hood to a new boarding school home. This makes sure they can stay in a supervised and safe learning environment with small classes, which is a major…

  • New year, new challenges

    New year, new challenges

    Dear friends and followers, as some of you know, I stay now for almost 2 years in Tanzania Karatu after choosing a leave of absence from the company I worked for in Berlin. In the beginning I volunteered for a Children Centre who work with street related children. I was part in daily routine, attended…

  • Short trip to Oslo

    Short trip to Oslo

    Last weekend I took a break from Berlin and spend a few days in Olso to visit a friend and to see one of my favourite music bands Wardruna. They had a play in the Sentrum Scene house and it was kind of awesome to see and hear the band for my first time live on stage! I know…

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